• Marine Communications

    Provide Product Development and Manufacturing Services That Satisfy Various Customers Needs

  • In modern marine industry, the use of marine communication equipment has a far-reaching impact on ensuring the safety of navigation. At sea, we are dealing with such complex situations that the environment is extremely tough and lack of basic communication facilities. Marine communication equipment with stable signal and reliable quality is thus a significant role in ensuring the safety of life and property.


    With more than 10 years of experience, Fastrain is well-equipped to provide product development and manufacturing services that satisfy the professional requirements from customers.

    Our Competitiveness


    Well-developed R&D Service
    Industrial Design, Structural Design, PCB Layout


    Sophisticated Structural Design
    Using simulation techniques such as thermal dispersion, structural strength, structural deformation and falling to fully ensure the reliability of product design.


    Reliable Product Quality
    Meet the requirements of IP68 (ensure that the product can operate at a depth of 10 meters for 2 weeks without water ingress) and MIL-STD-810.


    Complete After-sales Service
    Global Customer Service Center to provide customers with complete after-sales service.