• Design & Engineering

    Professional Industrial Design, Structural Design, Circuit Design and Software Development Services

  • Fastrain provides professional R&D services include software development, structural design, circuit design, UI design, packaging design, etc . We have gained expertise by providing solutions to meet IP68 and MIL-STD-810 specification.


    From design to manufacturing, Fastrain fully understands all requirements from customers. With an experienced group of R&D professionals, we can provide customers with flexible and professional technical support. At each stage of research and development, factors that related to the product life cycle, including the manufacturability, cost effectiveness, are fully considered to accelerate the product development and minimize the cost of R&D and manufacturing.



    Industrial Design(Appearance Design, UI Design, Packaging Design, etc.)
    Well acquainted with modeling design, material technology and man-machine engineering, our Industrial Design Team can provides a complete set of industrial design services.


    Structural Design
    Using simulation techniques such as thermal dispersion, structural strength, structural deformation and falling to fully guarantee the reliability of product design. With industry-leading General Standard Lab, EMC Lab, Reliability Lab and Aging Room, the performance and reliability of product are strictly inspected to meet the design requirements.


    Circuit Design
    We can provide customers with full set of circuit design services, including Schematic Design, PCB Layout and generating the Gerber file, etc.


    Software Development
    Our software development capability has been appraised at level 4 of CMMI (Software Capability Maturity Integration Model).


    Waterproof / Explosion-proof / Dustproof Product Design
    Products meet the requirements of IP68 and MIL-STD-810.


    DFX Analysis
    DFX analysis service covering the whole manufacturing process is provided to reduce the production cost and frequency of trial production, and improve the efficiency of mass production.