• Optical Communications

    Manufacturing Excellence Solutions for Full Range of Optical Products

  • Optical Communications is becoming ever more important as the Information Superhighway continues to develop and evolve. The reliability of optical communication products is strictly required whether they are applied to the data center of Nasdaq or to the information access or transmission in the telecommunications field.


    Fastrain has been committed to the optical communications industry for more than 10 years,we are dedicated to creating greater value for customer products. Our global manufacturing base has a separate workshop for the optical communication products, equipped with high-precision SMT lines with 3D AOI, 3D X-ray, ICT test, flying probe test, gold finger, OGP and other advanced measurement equipment, as well as a dynamic class 10K dust-free assembly workshop. At the same time, a team of experienced and dedicated engineers has been set up to continuously carry out process enhancement and process optimization. Among them, Fastrain Malaysia is the first and only company in Malaysia to have the complete Know How of optical communication industry chain capabilities, including optical devices, PCBA, COB, assembly, automated testing, optical coupling, coiled fibre, etc.


    Fastrain is the optimal partner for leading global optical and maritime communication customers, providing full industry chain services for complex optical communication products with high reliability requirements. From the PCBA of optical modules (4G - 800G) to the assembly of finished optical devices, Fastrain has established a comprehensive quality management system and manufacturing process traceability system, which allows customers to view manufacturing progress and quality reports in real time on their computers or mobile devices, enabling device level traceability and further ensuring product reliability.

    optical communication full industry chain products:



    Full range of optical receiver PCBAs:

    • 800G (M)
    • 400G CFP8/QSFPDD/OSFP (M)
    • 400G ZR Coherent
    • 200G QSFP56 (M)
    • 100G QSFP28/CFP/CFP2/CFP4 (M)
    • 40G QSFP+ (M)
    • 8G/10G/25G SFP+/Tunable (M)
    • SWDM/CWDM (M)
    • AOC
    • Test Boards
    • WSS
    • Laser Modules
    • Glass Photonics
    • Silicon Photonics
    Finished product assembly:
    • CATV Transmitter
    • Optical Transceiver Modules
    • EDFAs

    Latest Highlights Capabilities:


    • DFB butterfly package laser module assembly capabilities
    • DMTx assembly capabilities
    • CATV complete assembly capabilities
    • New COB process capabilities for optical transceivers
    • TLMZ & ITLA assembly capabilities